Guidelines for Current Solicitations

Research Awards Program (RAP) — NOI: 12/03/2021 | Proposals: 01/07/2022

Download RFP Guidelines in PDF format: RAP 2022 Proposal Guidelines

Download RFP Guidelines in Word format: RAP 2022 Proposal Guidelines

Travel Awards Program (TAP) — Closed

Download RFP Guidelines: Program will resume Summer 2021

Summer Assisted Research (SAR) — Closed

Download SAR RFP Guidelines: Program will resume Summer 2021

FY2022 3-Year NASA EPSCoR CAN Pre-Proposal to La BoR —

NOI: 09/29/2021 | Proposals: 11/18/2021

Proposal Documents for Louisiana Pre-Proposal competition in anticipation of the 2021 solicitation from NASA are available on the NASA Research CAN Page.


Questions regarding solicitations should be directed to the program managment office at


Proposals for RAP, TAP, and SAR programs should be submitted as unlocked, fully searchable PDF documents to the following email address:  Electronic submissions must include scanned signatures.

Proposals for the NASA EPSCoR 3yr Research CAN are submitted directly to the BoR. See the RFP for complete instructions when the program is open.