Travel Awards Program (TAP)

The Travel Award Program (TAP) offers travel support for Louisiana researchers to interact with NASA counterparts and investigate possible collaborative efforts.

The key to building better ties with NASA R & D is to foster researcher-to-researcher communications and this sub-program is designed to foster such communication. Awards will support the travel of a Louisiana researcher to interact with potential collaborators or program managers at NASA centers, NASA HQ or, if necessary, scientific conferences.

A TAP is intended to provide time for a detailed interchange of ideas and capabilities and for planning mutually beneficial projects.  An “invitation” (e-mail is acceptable) from the NASA contact is required before an award is approved. For trips to NASA HQ, names of the NASA managers to be visited must be provided. Trips to NASA related facilities (e.g. White Sands) or to Aerospace contractor facilities will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Generally, travel for the sole purpose of attending a conference is excluded, but may be supported if the TAP application includes written communication from one or more NASA researchers indicating their intention to attend the conference along with suggested meeting times and discussion topics.

When this program is open, Program Guidelines are available on our Current Solicitations Page.

Recent TAP funded awards are listed here:

New award program.