Topic 4: Innovative Concepts for Earth and Space Science Measurements

Topic 4A: Innovative Concepts for Earth and Space Science Measurements (POC: Allen Larar –

·         Advanced active and passive remote sensing and in-situ sensors including LiDAR, radiometers, spectrometers, and interferometers.

Topic 4B: Measurement Systems – Advanced Sensors and Optical Diagnostics (POC: “Tony” Humphreys –

·         Detectors and focal planes for Low Earth Orbit observing platforms

·         Electronics for both flight platforms and ground test facilities

·         Optical components including adaptive optics based on phase change materials

·         Microwave, millimeter, and sub-millimeter wave detection systems

·         Weather sensors for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) applications

·         Custom laser designs (wavelengths, pulse durations, etc.) for remote sensing and ground facility test applications

·         Flow visualization methods for high-speed ground test facilities (supersonic to hypersonic)

·         High spatial and temporal resolution velocimetry measurements, both seeded and seedless

·         Cryogenic and thermal sensors for ground test facilities

·         Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) methods for crewed vehicle structural health

·         Automated non-destructive evaluation (NDE) methods and systems utilizing machine learning