2020 National Caucus Virtual Discussion

Friday, October 30, 2020 | 12:00 pm – 5:30 pm Eastern

Final Agenda
12:00PMOpening Remarks – Session 1T.G. Guzik
12:10PMNASA EPSCoR in the OSTEM Enterprise (PDF Document)E. Ho
13:30PMCongressional Acts Governing EPSCoR ProgramsL. Gilbert
12:45PMQ&A and Open DiscussionAll Participants
1:00PMSuborbital Flight Opportunity J. Compton/A. van Dijk
1:15PMPanel on NASA EPSCoR Management Policies
J. Compton
Impact of changes to NASA Grants Policy: 2CFR 200, the GCAM, and NASA Grants Policy
C. Murguia
Requesting NCE: Requirement that must be met and NCE for continuing awards J. Hibbs / H. Roberson
1:30PMPanel of Law Governing NASA EPSCoR programsJ. Compton
Foreign Nationals: How it relates to fraud and potential civil and criminal action G. Nagurka
Funding Foreign Nationals: Why the law? What has been the experience? What is a designated country? C. Murguia
2:00PMAdjourn Session 1 Discussion
3:30PMOpening Remarks – Session 2T.G. Guzik
3:35PMPanel on Interactions between EPSCoR ProgramsJ. Molesworth
The ESPCoR / IDeA Foundation
A brief overview of the mission, goals and initiatives of the EPSCoR/IDeA Foundation.
J. Molesworth
The EPSCoR Interagency Coordinating Committee (EICC)L. Moore
The NASA EPSCoR PortfolioL. Morales
NSF EPSCoR RII-Track4 Program
Hear from NSF and NASA about collaborations to further increase the research competitiveness of EPSCoR jurisdictions.
C. Whitley / J. Colom-Ustariz
4:40PMPanel on NASA EPSCoR Best PracticesL. Fenstermaker
Panelists will initially briefly outline their best practice for A) Managing solicitations, B) Reviewing proposals, C) Evaluating, and D) Meaningful reporting. Following these opening remarks the remainder of the session will be open to questions and comments. Panelists include
L. Fenstermaker (Moderator) Director, Nevada
Scott Miller Director, Kansas
Scott Tarry and Michaela Lucas Director and Coordinator, Nebraska
Caitlin Nolby Director, North Dakota
5:25PMClosing RemarksT.G. Guzik